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Kristen Harper, M.Ed.


Kristen K. Harper, M.Ed., is currently partnering with Transforming Youth Recovery (TYR) to bring technical assistance to collegiate recovery programs who have received one of TYR’s highly sought after Seeds of Hope or Bridging the Gap grants.

Prior to joining the TYR team, Kristen was the Executive Director of Recovery Communities of North Carolina; a nonprofit, recovery community organization, devoted to the promotion of addiction recovery, wellness and citizenship through advocacy, education and support in North Carolina. In 2013-2017, Kristen had the great fortune to be the first, full-time Executive Director for the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS), where she assisted in the creation, sustainability and accreditation of recovery high schools across the country. As the Collegiate Recovery Community Replication Coordinator for Texas Tech University’s Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery from 2011-2013, Kristen provided technical assistance to over 80 universities seeking to create and manage collegiate recovery programs in all regions of the country.

Kristen founded the Center for Addiction Recovery at Georgia Southern University in 2008 within the College of Public Health. She subsequently became involved with Recovery Africa, a nongovernmental organization that strives to create recovery supports to communities in Africa. Kristen traveled to Ghana, West Africa several times to provide technical assistance to the emerging recovery community. She accepted the invitation to join the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services National Advisory Council (CSAT) in 2016. As a person living in long-term recovery, she has dedicated her life to helping others access recovery support services, locally, nationally and internationally.



  • “I’ve known Kristen in a professional capacity for years. Kristen is a prominent leader in the recovery movement, and has a keen insight for identifying recovery-based solutions based on the unique needs of the particular community with which she’s working. She has expertise in recovery-based education (high schools and college), national and local advocacy, the many pathways of recovery, and providing overall technical assistance, regardless of needs. She is responsive, always accessible, down to earth, and a true professional. I strongly recommend enlisting Kristen’s services to maximize your potential.”

    Doug Rudolph, Attorney at Law, National Recovery Advocate (New Haven, CT)

  • “I have known Kristen professionally for over a decade. She is passionate, dedicated, creative, forward thinking, and inspiring.  Her impact has created a ripple that reaches far and wide.”

    Sasha McLean, LMFT, LPC, Executive Director, Archway Academy (Houston, TX)

  • “I have known Kristen Harper for ten years in her capacity as a Collegiate Recovery Program Director, a Recovery Advocate, Executive Director of a state-wide recovery community and Executive Director of the Association of Recovery Schools. As such, I highly endorse her ability to consult in the field of addiction recovery. Kristen Harper has a keen ability to provide strategic planning, build communities of recovery, and advocate for recovery across multiple disciplines.”

    Teresa Wren Johnston, MA, LPC, MAC, Assistant Dean – Student Affairs, Executive Director Center Young Adult Addiction and Recovery (Kennesaw, GA)

  • “Kristen has a unique and incredible way of translating ideas into realities. Her extensive background working with nonprofits and educational institutions demonstrates her diverse and in-depth skill set. From strategic planning to organizational development, she’s a strong asset to any organization.”

    Tim Rabolt, Director of Community Relations & Strategic Advancement, Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) (Washington, D.C.)

  • “I was introduced to Kristen when we were looking to start a public recovery high school in Las Vegas. She was completely professional and her knowledge/experience is extensive in all aspects of recovery advocacy, policy, and administrative procedures. She is a joy to be around and her positive energy is contagious! I can highly recommend Kristen, and feel she would only be an asset in whatever role she chooses.”

    Joe Engle, Alternative Peer Groups of Las Vegas and Founder Las Vegas’ First Recovery High School (Las Vegas, NV)

  • “I have known and valued Kristen’s thoughtful input, passion, and solutions-oriented approach for many years now. Engaged in aspects of organizational development, program evaluation, and educational initiatives, I have seen Kristen’s expertise and passion be a perfect blend to achieving great results. If you require assistance or a fresh pair of eyes, Kristen will provide you the perspective you need to deliver an enhanced solution.”

    Kimber Falkinburg, Founder + Director Spreadhopelikefire.com (Lubbock, TX)

  • “I have known Kristen Harper for the past five years. I have enjoyed working with her as a fellow board member, consultant, and recovery advocate. Her ability to look at the big picture and plan strategically is second to none. Her professionalism is enhanced by her drive and passion to create real solutions to support community change. I highly recommend working with the Recovery Cube team if you have the opportunity.”

    Devin Reaves, Executive Director, Philadelphia Harm Reduction Coalition (Philadelphia, PA)

  • “Kristen Harper former Executive Director of RCNC and board member of Recovery Africa, has been simply awesome when it comes to promoting recovery activities in Ghana. We, Recovery Africa and Hopeful Way Foundation of Ghana, have benefitted from her leadership and experience in establishing evidence based recovery support systems in Ghana during her three visits to Ghana. We are truly blessed and grateful for the opportunity to have her on the team developing the Recovery Movement in Ghana.”

    Byron Merriweather

  • “We began working with Kristen Harper in 2010 as a resource person and board member of Recovery Africa. Her experiences with the prevention, treatment and recovery from addiction programs have been put to excellent use in the U.S., and during her three visits to our programs in Ghana in West Africa. Kristen’s youth, experience and dedication have been an inspiration to the developing recovery movement in Africa and the U.S. In addition to offering her technical expertise, Kristen has been an excellent ambassador for Recovery Africa and its networking. I am confident that her new ventures will meet with much success.”

    Dan O’Laughlin,
    Recovery Africa

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