Community Needs Assessment

Do you know what resources you have at your disposal in your specific community? Do you know what your resource gaps are? Most importantly, do you know how to prioritize the needs of the population you serve? Each community is different. Identifying your community's specific strengths and weaknesses, is the first step in making a meaningful impact. Conducting a Community Needs Assessment is the best way to lay a solid foundation for community change.

Strategic Planning & Board Development

Do you know where you want your organization to be in a year, in three, in five? Can your organization sustain itself through the rough times or times of financial difficulty? Does your board of directors understand their role in the organization? Conducting an annual or semi-annual strategic planning session with your staff and/or board can play a critical role in accomplishing your organizational goals.

Curriculum Development & Training

What would you like your trainees to take with them when they leave your training? How do you know if you are an effective trainer? Program or training curriculum should consist of measurable objectives. Effective curriculum and training materials can make all the difference in whether you are educating your attendees or simply presenting slides.

Program Research & Evaluation

How do you know if you are providing your community with effective programming? Have you struggled to secure grants because you lack the data that proves your organization is as effective as you know it is? Having your program outcomes tracked can help with donors, grants, and prove to your community that you are making an impact.

Event Planning

Having trouble hosting an effective fundraiser? Perhaps you would like to show off your organization's successes but you aren't sure how? Event planning can be challenging but a wonderful way to unite your community and really generate buzz about your work.

Legislative Advocacy Support

What do legislative advocacy efforts look like in your state? How do we build a white paper for our congressman that they will actually read? What happens when I get an appointment with my Senator? Legislative advocacy is a key part of the recovery movement. Don't be intimidated by the process. Let us help you become an advocate!

How we work.

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